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Dead Compressor What Now?

When To Replace
In my neighborhood, There are many vehicles showing up to work on Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. Many people have systems that are designed to be phased out, and the units may not be that old. There are several times that you should evaluate your decision on whether to pay for a major repair or continue to fix leaks.
Have you ever heard of an auto accident where the car was totaled? How was that decision made? The car value was depreciated because it likely had lost economic value anyway.

Energy Saving Tips and Financing Option

Alabama Power is now working with BOJIFFY to help qualified clients finance certain energy upgrades and you can make your payments with your utllity bill. We will be happy to discuss how thiis arrangement might be of benefit to you.
There are some good videos abouit energy savings that will help you understand some of the energy saving ideas.Click or cut and paste the link below to learn more.

What to Check Before You Call

Sometimes the solution to your air conditioning problem is simple. Here is a list of easy to spot problems.
1. Your filter is dirty or absent.
2. There is furniture and other items blocking your return air.
3. Your circuit breaker at your breaker box is off.
4. Your inside unit should create condensation. Is the drain stopped up? Do you clean it out regularly?
5. If your inside unit is in the attic, is your secondary pan filled and triggering a shut-off?
6. Is water running out of your condensation drain.