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Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Blues

This is not about a/c but it is Spring and we are getting the house and yard ready, so here goes. Lawn Mower says "Guaranteed to start every time".It lied.No big deal it is either air filter or spark plug. I inspect air filter and it is ok. Now I will remove the spark plug. Not so fast. The wrench is too short. I can't grip the plug and turn it. I go to the hardware store and get a longer spark plug wrench that also fits two different sizes. Neither is  the right size. I call Kholer. Is this metric? Yes 18mm. I go to auto parts store. No 18 mm deep socket.. Just 17mm and 19mm and every other size. Three different places give this answer. Now to the small engine repair place. Spark Plug is five dollars and they have the wrench. They happened to order some Kholer plugs. Praise the Lord. Now I'm ready. It only took two and a half hours. I change plugs every year and it usually takes two minutes.