What is going on with this furnace?
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What is going on with this furnace?

We have had some pleasant weather in Birmingham and I have finally got some time to write. I hope you all had a nice pleasant summer. I know many are suffering in this economy and I wish I could help more. I can give a good price and I can patch them up when we need to.

This weekend we installed a new system and I took the old unit to scrap heaven. But before I took it, I met with my number one scrap specialist....my son and EPA certified R.N. David. Well, we took this old furnace apart screw by screw and talked about every single wire, part, and screw. What a complicated engineering piece a furnace is!!!  We soon came to the conclusion that repairing some of these units would really be a waste of money because when you fixed one part, another could be ready for the bone yard.
The new unit the client selected was a two stage furnace and was purported to be very energy efficient. Gas can be efficient!! But the new shiny outside unit was a marvel with a scroll compressor and that new refrigerant that is mandated in order to save the universe. It was so pretty that if I had put one in for myself, I would be inviting the neighbors and friends to look at it as if it were one of those new BMW's. But the best thing is that it was sized right and will heat and cool and no one will ever think about it again. Set the thermostat and let it go.
These units my folks are getting have ten year warranties on most everything. This one had a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger! 
You might ask about the details. The investment for this five ton unit was less than five thousand dollars. I think if you add up the electricity and fuel savings plus the repair bills, plus adding pounds of refrigerant at fifty to one hundred dollars a pound like I hear about, it is an easy decision to replace.

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