Adding Freon
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Adding Freon

Adding Freon

DuPont came out with a product called r-22 Freon. There are several manufacturers of refrigerant and it will be called r-22. Older units like mine use r-22.
Some of the ac's don't cool because not enough refrigerant, but there are other reasons that should be checked also. 
Like a couple of folks I visited had huge holes in their duct work.
Some coils have been dirty. 
I have seen airflow blocked because of plastic bags of stuff being place in front of the return air vent.
I talked to folks that not only did not change the filter, but did not know how to or where it was.
This year I have seen fans working but compressors not working.

I buy enough refrigerant to get a pretty good deal and charge a "lower than most" price.
I weigh the refrigerant that I put in. I know how many pounds, but always round down because unless we have our scales certified and re-certified,we shouldn't charge by weight, but  we are not in the business of getting you cool.I use "add refrigerant" and how much I charge. I use forty dollars a pound as a guideline. (at this time) Some people indicate a hundred dollars a pound. They include their higher overhead to stay in business.
My overhead is lower.
Call or text to save money.205-215-0553