BOJIFFY - Reviews - Birmingham, AL
BOJIFFY Heating & Air Conditioning    AL#13104 - If Your Air Conditioner's "IFFY" Call BOJIFFY !

John S.
 I was very pleased with the quick response to my request for a quote. The price was very fair and the work was done quickly and professionally. The new heating system heats the house evenly whereas the old one did not. The family and I are very happy with the work that was done and our dealings with BoJiffy.

Nikki M.
Big thanks to Bo Flanders yet again for being so awesome. My Heat was blowing cold air and making weird noises..... And as always he knew exactly what to do! My girls and I were going to camp out in the living room tonight to stay warm by the fire place but there's no need now... Even though My girls still think it would be cool to camp out in front of the fire place! Thanks for being so helpful once again!

Paula N.
"you were an angel sent from heaven"

Jennifer C
"Powers that be...please add Bo Flanders (Bo Jiffy) to the list of businesses if he isn't on there already. He stayed in my cold attic until he figured out why my emergency heat wasn't working and fixed it! The company that replaced my unit and evaporator coil blew me off last year and said the cold air blowing in the house was normal. I highly recommend Bo, neighbors!"

Ben Cook
" I will have to give BOJIFFY Heating & Air a 5-star rating. My air conditioner went out over the weekend and I called BOJIFFY around 1:00 on Monday and Bo was here in about 20 minutes. He found the problem and went about fixing it, even calling an electrician to make sure he was handling everything correctly. The bottom line is Bo got it running in just a couple of hours and my house is cooling now. I enjoyed having Bo come to my home and I appreciate the efficiency and professionalism with which he worked. His rates are reasonable and he got the job done in a timely manner. In short, I highly recommend Bo Flanders and BOJIFFY. You can't go wrong when you need heating and air conditioning work done by calling BOJIFFY."

B. Atkinson  "My AC unit had been performing quite poorly in recent weeks, and after looking into various service providers around Birmingham, I decided to call BoJIFFY. I could not be more satisfied with the service Bo provided! Bo answered my phone call after only 2 rings at 7:30 AM, and was able to diagnose the issue with near certainty. I asked if Bo could arrive to work on my AC at noon, and he arrived at 11:59. Sometimes my watch runs a little slow, so he likely arrived at exactly 12:00. I would highly recommend BoJIFFY to anyone in need of air conditioning service – Bo is a top-notch professional!"

Barbara E " Hey Bo, yes heat is working perfectly! Thanks again for taking care of this for me. Ran by Lowe's this afternoon & took other thermostat back, no problem in returning it." (thermostat install)

Quarry W. :" They were professional and fast. They stuck to the agreed upon estimate and worked with my tight budget. They even completed the install/replacement sooner than expected. I would definitely recommend them."

Jamie B. " The installation was professionally done and in a timely fashion. Our old unit had been limping along for years and in one day Bojiffy was able to replace the a/c and furnace at a very competitive price. We are very happy and cool! (summer) "

Diann B "BOJIFFY gets a five star rating from my husband and me! Our heating and air conditioning unit died after many years at a terrible time....just as summer arrived. They were prompt, fair, reasonable, and efficient!They were so trustworthy that they installed our new unit while we were out of town on vacation. We are thankful for the integrity of BOJIFFY and will definitely use them again if needed!!