BOJIFFY - Order Services - Birmingham, AL
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New System Deposit
Deposit for New Changeout. Heat Pump, or AC Approve estimate before paying this
Price: $2,500.00
Base Coil and Outside Unit Deposit
Coils and Outside Units are used when the furnace can be used. Approve your estimate before making this deposit
Price: $2,000.00
Base evaporator coil replacement
Evaporator coil replacement deposit. Total costs will differ based on existing unit, recovery, location, etc and will be approved by you
Price: $750.00
Home Warranty Deductible
We do work for some home warranty companies that require you to pay at least $45 for us to come out. Additional charges for non covered items.
Price: $45.00
Service Call Minimum
We believe we can service most units for $99 including no extra charge for up to 1 lb of refrigerant. You will be asked to approve additional items.
Price: $99.00
Service 1 unit
Lifetime check up service renewable annually must be within sixty miles of office.
Price: $150.00
Service 2 units
Lifetime checkup on 2 units renewable annually must be within 60 miles of office
Price: $250.00